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Feedback from online performances for The Co Create Network ( Northern Group )

"Absolutely amazing the performance bits. incredibly talented folk."

"Thank you, it was amazing - such positive vibes
That was superb - so giving, so inspirational."


"You've demonstrated how close we can still be and
may be bring the whole world even closer!!"

"This was such a great session :)

well done to the actors- can't imagine how hard it is to improviseover Zoom but you were amazing!"

February 2021

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The Full Story

Feedback from an online  performance for *Converge and Students from Oregon ( USA )

"Congratulations to the whole Playback theatre team.

That was tricky stuff to pull off - it worked really well!"

"A wonderful performance! It was amazing how you were able to capture people’s stories so quickly."

"This was great way for us to share our stores with each other. I felt closer to everyone by the end."

February 2021

*Converge ( ‘Education for Recovery ‘ they provide courses for adults who use mental health services -each year there is an exchange programme with Students from a University in Oregon USA )

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