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Find out how Playback York could contribute to your event 


Playback performances can be great way to celebrate any occasion.

In the past the company has been booked to perform at weddings, funerals, anniversaries and significant birthdays. Friends and relatives can share treasured anecdotes and moving moments, and see them re-enacted using the Playback form. Participants have reflected that it feels like receiving a rich gift! The audience can be any size, and the performance could work well before or after a meal. It will be our job to shape the performance and create the atmosphere that’s right for

your event.



York Playback Theatre has performed for general audiences on many occasions. These performances can be organised by us, but are mainly booked by individuals or organisations. Playback is popular for festivals, pubs, cabaret, theatre or studio settings. The organiser  advertises and sells tickets, and hosts the company and audience on the day. Some people come because they are familiar with Playback theatre, others will be new to the experience and revel in the discovery!


You might want to offer a workshop before the performance for interested individuals and offer a workshop and performance ticket deal. You may wish to have a bar/food available for after the performance so people can mingle with the cast and carry on telling their stories and reflecting on the experience.

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Playback Theatre can offer an engaging and innovative way for organisations to realise their full potential.

  • Team Building: being able to understand the different and shared experiences of colleagues can improve relationships, communication and the overall strength of a team. This could be used when bringing new teams together, sharing stories from a recent project or when celebrating achievements.

  • Organisational Change: when workforces go through significant times of change, it is important that all involved feel their voices are heard and feelings are valued. Playback Theatre can provide space and facilitation for teams to reflect and process new developments, from reviews, restructures and redundancies.

  • Conflict Resolution: whether there is conflict within customer facing roles or challenges within internal relationships, Playback Theatre is an effective tool in providing a different perspective on a situation and presenting new or different solutions for the future.

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Charities depend on being able to engage their communities and meet the ever changing needs of their beneficiaries. Playback Theatre can be used to facilitate consultation events to better understand the lived experiences of those connected to the charity, as an engagement tool to explore or unpack recent pieces of research, or as a mechanism to gain valuable quantitative insight when evaluating the impact of a charity’s work.

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