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Find out details about booking and hosting


We are used to working in very diverse settings including community centres, church halls, lecture theatres, day centres, hospitals and even pubs

Performance space requirements:

We can adapt to most circumstances – but a stage area that is at least 3m
deep and 4m wide, with preferably wooden (not carpeted) flooring is ideal. A raised stage is not essential - but depending on the size of the audience it
might be helpful (to ensure the actors can be seen)
The performance space should be well lit. If theatre lights or spots are in place and available, we will utilise them


Adequate seating is needed for the audience, and they need to be able to
clearly see what is happening on the stage or performance area. This can be challenging if the audience and the actors are on the same level. Depending on the event, ‘cabaret’ style seating could be used, with people sat around small tables. Audience members need to have easy access to the performing space, so a central aisle is useful

Other requirements:

These are quite simple – we need 8 ordinary chairs, plus a small table for the musician, and something for the cloths we use in performances (for example a coat rack, stepladders, or table)


Those hosting performances need to be mindful of any access requirements for particular audience members so that provision can be made for any special needs


Rehearsal space:
We need a rehearsal space for at least 2.5 hours before the start time of the
performance, and ideally in the same space. If the performance space is not available, the company will need an alternative space to rehearse. Ideally, we need exclusive access to the performance space at least 30 mins before the audience arrive. In certain settings (for example conferences) we can consider alternative arrangements

Access to water/tea/coffee is important for the performers, and depending on the event, light refreshments may be negotiated 

Other considerations:

- Access to toilets and a place where company members can change
- Information about parking arrangements and access to the building


Our fees for performances vary depending on the following factors:

Your needs:

Where the performance will take place and for how long
Whether you would like us to incorporate a workshop

Your budget:

Whether you are a large organisation or a small community group
Whether you are charging for tickets


As a group we are based mostly in the North of England. We may need to
discuss expenses to compensate members for travel or overnight

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