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International Playback Theatre Network

International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN) was formed in 1990 and it is an association of Playback Theatre groups, practitioners and supporters. The IPTN exists to enable all of us to connect as a global community, foster networking and deepen collective learning and wisdom. 

Centre for Playback Theatre

The Centre for Playback Theatre  offers training courses in Playback Theatre, promotes multi-community projects, and provides administrative support to Playback Theatre companies. Its purpose is also to promote Playback Theatre throughout the world.  

Playback Theatre Reflects

Playback Theatre Reflects is an independent blog for writing on Playback Theatre. I publish articles every couple of months  (occasionally including mine). All topics and genres are welcome, from academic essays to creative writing.

School of Playback Theatre UK

School of Playback Theatre UK offers courses to learn Playback Theatre from beginner stage to advanced level. Additionally they offers workshops to fine tune your Playback Theatre skills.

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