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Current Projects

Beyond the mask

We are very excited to have received NHS funding to create two online Playback performances for frontline health and care staff to share their stories of dealing with the pandemic over the past year.


These shows are part of a range of activities and offers that have been put in place by the Staff Wellbeing Hub set up by the North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care System (part of the NHS). This is a partnership project with Serious Media, who will be making a short film to celebrate the courage and dedication displayed by so many ordinary people in the face of such extraordinary challenges.


We are also very excited about working with guest Playback actors who have joined us for this work, as well as undertaking training in how Playback can be used with audiences and groups that have
experienced distress and trauma. We will share the film of these events here as soon as it is available. 

A further performance is planned for autumn 21.


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Older Adults Project

In July 2020 the company were awarded a grant from York Common Good Trust to take Playback Theatre into care homes and other venues where older adults meet. The company have been making preparations for this to happen later in 2021 when covid restrictions lift.
The aim being to provide opportunities for residents and staff to share their personal stories and experiences and see them played back through theatre and music.
For more information contact York Playback company member, Louise Larkinson who is leading on this project.